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Primavera    (click here for color image)

Trade or Common Name:  Primavera, white mahogany, prima vera
Local Name: Primavera
Botanical Name: Cybistax donnellsmithii
Family: Bignoniaceae

The Tree:  Primavera is a large rainforest canopy tree, sometimes reaching to 100 feet in the natural rainforest, with a straight clear bole up to 3 or 4 feet in diameter. It has relatively smooth whitish bark and showy yellow flowers in large panicles.

Status:  Primavera is among the very fine cabinet woods of the world, and is becoming increasingly rare within all of its range.

The Wood:  Primavera is a very beautiful wood, sometimes called white mahogany because of its beauty and similarity in appearance to mahogany, except primavera is lighter in color. It is creamy white to yellowish rose, sometimes tinted with pale brown or pinkish stripes. Primavera is very strong, medium texture, with straight to interlocking and wavy grain, sometimes with a ribbon or fiddle-back figure. It has a fairly high luster, is easily dried with little or no degrade, and has excellent polishing and finishing characteristics. Primavera works easily and well with hand or machine tools, and holds nails and screws well.

Uses:  Primavera is a premium blonde wood sought after for fine furniture and cabinetry, highly decorative and figured veneer, moldings, and high-class interior joinery.

Availability:  We have primavera trees available only as part of our Premium Mixture.

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