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Madero Negro    (click here for color image)

Trade or Common Name:  Madero negro, blackwood, madre de cacao
Local Name:  Madero negro
Botanical Name:  Gliricidia sepium
Family:  Papilionaceae (syn. Fabaceae)

The Tree:  In the same family as Cocobolo, Madero negro is a narrow-crowned, medium-sized or sub-canopy, deciduous rainforest tree, sometimes reaching 60 feet in the natural rainforest. Madero negro is leguminous, or nitrogen-fixing.

Status:  Originally exploited for its durability in contact with the soil, Madero negro now occurs only rarely in the natural forest. It has been planted ornamentally because of its beautiful pink flowers. It is also sometimes seen in cacao plantations, because its ability to fix nitrogen enhances the growth of the cacao.

The Wood:  Madero negro is very hard, black or dark brown, with a beautiful small fleck. It turns well and takes a high polish. Madero negro is very resistant to insects and fungus.

Uses:  Because of its strength and durability in contact with the soil, madero negro was originally prized for corner fence posts and as supports for houses, but it is now used for its beauty in furniture, turnery, and artisanry.

Availability:  We have madero negro trees available only as part of our Premium Mixture.

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Madero Negro


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